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Eyes On The Bride: Nicole S.

We're mixing it up here at TWB with our next bride, Nicole. Up until now we've had tales of weddings in our usual stomping grounds of Baltimore and Philly. But Nicole is going into Southern Weddings territory with her upcoming wedding celebration in Charleston, South Carolina. Read on to get an inside look into what Nicole and fiancé Ted are planning for their guests in October.

(personal photos - the second and third are from the day and night of their engagement!)

Bride's Name, Age, Occupation Nicole Savage, 27, Corporate Event Planner

Groom's Name, Age, Occupation Ted Albrecht, 27, President of the Bodley Group

City of Residence – Saint Louis, Missouri

Wedding Location – October 16, 2010 in Charleston, South Carolina

The Ceremony will be at the French Huguenot Church, a historic church in Charleston that dates to 1845. It survived damage by the “Yankees” during the Civil War!

The Reception will be at the William Aiken House, which is a historic mansion in downtown Charleston. The house has been restored to its original 1810 design and includes period antiques and artwork. It is a National Historic Landmark. It is beautiful!

As cliché as it is, we are so excited to show our family and friends Charleston. We love it down there so much and can’t wait for everyone to see why!

How you met Ted and I met our sophomore year of college at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia. We met at a toga party that his fraternity holds one of the first weekends of the school year. At the party I was introduced to Ted by a friend of mine. Ted recognized me from our accounting class and actually bet me that we in fact had an accounting class together. Come Monday in class, I turned around and sure enough, he was there! I am glad he didn’t judge me by the shiny gold toga I was wearing when I first met him!

How long you've dated We dated throughout college and while I studied abroad junior year. After college, I made the decision to move to Ted’s hometown of Saint Louis. I have been here for over 4 and a half years!

How he proposed Last fall, we were on a trip to the Italian Riviera with my parents and a couple that we are really good friends with. The second day of the trip while we were in Capri, we took an early morning water taxi to the Blue Grotto. Ted insisted that he and I take the rowboat into the Grotto alone. I thought that it was weird for Ted to have such a strong feeling on that, but I let it be. Little did I know he was planning on proposing inside the Grotto. I should have been tipped off when he fumbled around for the correct amount of Euros to pay for our rowboat because Ted is never like that, but I was still clueless! Mind you, he was holding the ring in his hand and had to get money out of his wallet with the other! Once inside, our Italian rowboat driver started singing in Italian and talking about the Grotto. Ted proposed while we were inside the Grotto by holding the ring over the bright blue water. I was in shock for the rest of the day! Once we got back outside, we showed my parents and friends…and then started one of the best days ever – filled with champagne, celebratory phone calls and one of the most memorable (and delicious) dinners of our lives!

Wedding colors/theme I have always loved the combination of turquoise and gold. These will be the colors for the wedding. There isn’t a theme, but it the goal is it for it to be a classic and elegant, yet casual, southern affair! We really hope that it represents who Ted and I are.

Bridesmaids' dresses info The dresses are by Jenny Yoo. There are so many stigmas about bridesmaid dresses – mostly that they are unflattering, hideous things that go out of style within days of the wedding! However, with Jenny Yoo, there were so many options to choose from in color, fabric and style. I found a dress that will flatter all the bridesmaids and not be something that I look back at years from now and laugh!

Best part of planning There are a few “best” parts of planning. I think the first would be that I have been given the opportunity to create an amazing event for my family and friends. I want our wedding (and the entire weekend’s celebrations) to be a party that everyone feels a part of and enjoys. Secondly, by planning the wedding, I have gotten to spend so much more time with my family (who live on the east coast) than I otherwise would. It has been so fun to do all this with my mom!

Worst part of planning There really hasn’t been a “worst” part. It has all been fun! I guess the worst part is that I am mostly done!!

Most surprising part of planning I think that the most surprising part so far is how quickly I’ve made decisions on major items like flowers and décor! I guess I have been thinking about my wedding a lot more than I thought because I usually take a while to make big decisions. But with the wedding, I’ve known what I like and don’t like right away!

Favorite vendor so far Hands down, my favorite vendor has been my wedding planner, Carrie Glasscock of A Charleston Bride. She is amazing. Even though we’ve only met in person twice, I have a complete comfort level with her and know that she is on top of all the details! She has really been such a great person to have in Charleston as she’s kept me on task and knows the town’s vendors extremely well. She has gotten my vision from the start and I have complete confidence that she will execute it to perfection come October.

Places you registered – We have registered at Williams-Sonoma, Bed, Bath & Beyond, a local silver/china/crystal store called Byron Cade as well as Home Depot! Ted had a lot of fun adding some masculine things to the registry!!

Any Do-It-Yourself (DIY) plans Yes, but they are a secret! =) The one thing that is keeping us from doing a lot of DIY tasks is that we aren’t located in Charleston! The trick is getting things down there!

Honeymoon Location Ted is pretty tight lipped about the plans, but what I’ve managed to get out of him is that we’re going to Switzerland, Germany and Austria for about 2 weeks. I am so excited! We love history, exploring little villages and good food and wine – so this is right up our alley!

We are counting down the days until this wedding goes off in true Southern style. Congrats again to Nicole and Ted!

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