Friday, July 30, 2010

Two Web Belles: Apps, Wraps, and Chats

1. When we first mentioned that Lilly Pulitzer was coming out with a full bridal line under the Designer Bride Inc. umbrella a few months back, we were betting on their dresses to be resort ready. Now that we've seen the designs (thanks to A Splash of Elegance for posting the runway pics!), looks like we were right. The dresses are perfect for a manicured lawn, whether you're in the brand's home of Palm Beach or elsewhere. And, because it's Lilly, of course there is some pink in the mix, too.

2. *Hot new wedding app alert.* We hadn't heard about this next app until someone at their camp found us via Twitter, but once we scoped it out, we thought it was such an innovative way to register for gifts. Weddingscan, which just launched last month, turns your iPhone into a personal registry bar code scanner. Anywhere, anytime. So you end up with an all-in-one registry filled with items from any and every store you choose. Think of all the things you'd like to register for, but you feel limited by a store's registry resources or its proximity to out-of-town guests. Now you can just scan an item's barcode, and it's added to your Weddingscan registry. If you find a bauble that comes sans bar code, just snap a photo and upload that to your registry page on Weddingscan's site. We are tempted to get iPhones just to try this one out, because it's so new that there really aren't any bride testimonials on it yet. Has anyone heard any good/bad buzz?

3. Mira Aster is the brainchild of Anne Millet, who started her stationery shop with a fabric-backed birthday card for her sister. From her website, "Mira Aster is a particular type of aster flower, and a particular type of stationery. Inspired by beautiful materials, namely papers and fabrics, we artfully sew them together with thread." This bright turquoise and orange suite was designed for a couple planning a wedding in Mexico. With celebrity clients, and features in tons of bridal magazines including "Brides" and "Martha Stewart Weddings" these designs aren't exactly budget, but the interesting mix of paper and fabric, letterpress and stitchery is great inspiration for DIY brides and just plain eye candy.

4. We've seen the two birds convertible bridesmaid dresses on blogs and in magazines a bunch of times now. Call us crazy but a piece of fabric that comes in only two sizes (standard for girls size 0-12 and plus) and claims the ability to wrap the body in a mulititude of flattering styles had us feeling dubious. That's why we were so pumped when we saw the post on Glamour Magazine's Save the Date blog that featured the dress on twenty different staffers of varying proportions. At close to $300, this dress doesn't come cheap, and we're not convinced it's the most flattering option (especially for girls who are a little more blessed in the chest) but enough brides consider this dress for its versatility alone that we wanted to pass along this trial run.

5. TLC is airing a sneak preview of Say Yes to The Dress: Atlanta tonight at 9:30pm with an episode titled "Virgin Brides Wear Sleeves". We sort of live for reality TV, so when we heard about the southern spinoff we wanted to do something to celebrate. We'll be tweeting live with stream of consciousness commentary as we decide if the SYTTD: Atlanta deems worthy of a spot on our DVRs. If you're parked on the couch, snacks in hand, join in the fun! @2weddingbelles under #TWBtweetsTV.

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