Friday, November 20, 2009

New TWB Feature: Two Web Belles

We here at TWB spend so much time 1. obsessing over weddings and 2. obsessing over wedding sites/blogs that we figured it made sense to start bringing you some of our favorite finds from around the web. Each Friday, Two Web Belles will highlight what we love, what we can't stop talking about, and what we wish we had thought of ourselves. Check out our first installment below and come back to each week for more!

1. Need a cute way to commemorate the day you got engaged or the wedding day itself? Look to Frame The Date for a creative way to display your day.

2. If being mindful of bank accounts and the social concerns regarding non-conflict rings is important to you, you might opt for something like this so you can give an affordable nod to tradition without sacrificing style.

3. Accessories are always a great way to amp up your look, and Etsy seller missjoanshobby makes custom jewelry pieces from vintage brooches and earrings, all at a great price.

4. You have the ring on your hand...and now you don't know where to start. russel+hazel has the organizational tools to get you on the right track (for weddings, or for any other part of your life!)

5. Everyone's gearing up for the holidays, and that includes all of our favorite home furnishing stores. Be on the lookout for after-holiday sales at places like Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and even Target. You could snag candelholders/vases/table swag at seriously discounted prices and use them to supplement (or be the stars of) your centerpieces. Just move quickly - you know how the sale merchandise goes fast.

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