Friday, May 7, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

1. Ikea's Tolsby frame is a steal at just $0.99. (how do the Swedes do it?) The clean lines, pedestal stand, and sizing make it perfect for a stylish table number display. Ruffled posted a handy menu template featuring a floral border, which is super easy to customize. We love the bright floral border, but we think the frame would be equally fantastic with a bright punchy paper color with a single bold black number.

2. Frosting Cupcakery opened its doors in Chevy Chase! The Belles have a special affinity for cupcakes, (Current consumption record in one sitting is 8, no shame. Funfetti is awesome) With specialty flavors and catchy names like Campfire (think s'mores) and Snowflake (coconut vanilla buttercream) this bakery has the recipe for success. Frosting is family owned and operated, and can accomodate large orders for weddings and showers. Basically we could omit our blurb and just give you this photo, below. Yup, you're welcome.

3. We have nothing but good things to say as both recent purchasers and recipients of gifts from They have a crazy big selection of bottles to choose from, run specials if you're looking for a bargain, and we've had no delivery snafus to speak of yet. When we're far away from someone and want to send an engagement gift, this is quickly becoming our one stop online shop. And with so many choices available, you can still put in a touch of personalization to avoid giving the same thing time and again.

4. We saw these DIY wrist corsages on Project Wedding and thought they would work so well for the flower girls in your bridal party, especially for the younger ones. It's kind of a simpler, less fussy version of the flower balls that we've seen used instead of the traditional basket of flower petals. The corsage just takes a few flowers and some ribbon and there you have it, some floral goodness to spice up a little one's wrist. Really cute.

5. Ok we're ready to talk about cake again. Maybe a snack was in order before all the blogging began. This time, it's more about hilarious cakes rather than delicious ones. Have you checked out cake wrecks? It may cause vivid nightmares of wedding cakes gone wrong, but honestly the comedy is worth it.

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