Friday, March 5, 2010

Two Web Belles: Ready for More?

1. MODA Botanica has been turning heads all week with its cargo container installation at the Philadelphia Flower Show. So how can you take MODA's design aesthetic and realistically apply it (assuming you're not planning on hosting your guests in a steel cube?) Look at their use of contrasting elements - soft pillows on wooden benches, lively flower arrangements pin spotted by bare lightbulbs - and note how this mix brings so much visual interest to the space. Yes, the walls of mirrors would create a bit of a funhouse effect in such an enclosed environment, but using reflective surfaces is a great way to artificially create more light and make a room feel bigger than it actually is.

2. As if you don't already have a countdown of the months, days, minutes, even seconds until you say "I do." Just in case, there's an app for that. If you're looking for more of an all-in-one wedding planning suite at the tip of your smartphone, check out this list of the top apps for weddings.

3. Preppy Plates from WH Hostess (by way of The Party Dress) offers up personalized serving trays, plates, and coasters in bright colors and smart patterns. Our favorite pieces? The melamine platters, which would make a fun addition to any bridal or baby shower you were throwing for a friend. These could totally be used again down the road for other parties, too, to festively show off tasty treats and yummy snacks.

4. Vera knows weddings. Pamper your bridesmaids with a gorgeous gown instead of a typical frumpy frock. Check out the Fall 2010 bridesmaid collection at Saks Jandel in Chevy Chase, March 18th through 20th. Call to schedule a trunk show appointment, 301-652-2250.

5. We're loving headbands right now! And there are so many cute ones out there to choose from. A 'band could be a stylish accessory for a bridesmaid, like this one from Stacey Lapidus. But the bride doesn't have to miss out on the headband action either. Once the party really starts at the reception and you lose the veil, how about throwing something like this on from Jennifer Behr? Or if you want to ditch the veil altogether, this stunner from won't have you lacking any style points for your trip down the aisle.

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