Friday, March 12, 2010

Two Web Belles: Spring Fever...or Wedding Fever?

1. For this wedding, a more muted color scheme of neutrals offset with a mild yellow reminded us that you don't need punchy colors to have an event space make a statement. The standout in our eyes? The yellow sunburst emblem that can be seen peeking out throughout the venue, which was also used on pillow sham keepsakes for the B&G, all fashioned by the talented crew at Evantine Design.

2. Looking for something a little more meaningful than a wedding band from the local jeweler? What about an afternoon outing with lunch, champagne, and oh yeah, hand-made wedding rings? Don't worry if you're less than a DIY all-star, the instructors at wedding Ring Workshop guide you step by step and guarantee results you'll be happy with.

3. Boho brides, good news! Anthropologie (well, their parent company, Urban Outfitters) is planning to launch a bridal line for Spring 2011. The line will be offered online first and then transition to brick and mortar stores. We're expecting dreamy, ethereal, and romantic with a funky touch. Can't wait 'till the debut.

4. Gilt Groupe, the online designer discounter extraordinaire, is hosting a wedding sale starting today. With everything from bridal couture to bridesmaid dresses to high end registry items, this is one you don't want to miss. Gilt Groupe is by invitation only, but you can easily find an invite with a quick Google search. Members are happy to extend their invites, they receive a $25 credit for each new person who joins.

5. We know the seating chart is often one of the last things to get done in the days leading up to the wedding, so it's sometimes thrown together without a great deal of care. Maybe think about moving this item higher on your list of priorities and look for an interesting way to show your guests where they are sitting. After all, this is generally the first stop for your guests at the reception and will let you set the tone for the event from the moment they enter the venue. For creative inspiration, we had to pass along this astrology seating chart from Mélangerie (found via Tammy Golson Events) because it was so original. Something ultra-tailored to your guests like this takes a lot of work to get it set up (you need to know the astro sign of every guest beforehand!), but the final product is such an attention grabber, isn't it?

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