Friday, February 5, 2010

Two Web Belles: Click It

1. Sure, we love the seaside/nautical/vintage elements of this wedding. These wedding guests aren't just sitting down at a reception, they're walking into a uniquely landscaped world. But what's our favorite part of the whole thing? The b-maid dresses from Target, of course. You would never be able to tell that our favorite bargain store outfitted these girls.

2. For those who already check out for your shopping needs, you'll be happy to see their Wedding Central section. Gifts, accessories, decor, and even flowers...all sorted for the wedding minded shopper's convenience.

3. Wedding planner confession: one half of the TWB duo isn't a huge fan of wedding videos. Visions of poorly edited moments set to cheesy music on a DVD that you watch once and throw in a drawer to never see the light of day again just instantly come to mind. But then we stumbled across Well Spun Weddings, and instantly fell for their philosophy of creating mini feature length films. Think of it as "Your Wedding: The Movie." They even offer a Super 8 package, which would give a throwback feel to your video. And no awful music anywhere to be found.

4. Martha Stewart Weddings has teamed up with invitation site pingg to create a gallery of stylish invites that can be used strictly for e-vites ("let's go dress shopping!") or can be turned into paper invites which pingg will send out for you to your guest list, say for a shower or rehearsal dinner.

5. Look at all of 1154 Lill Studio's options for creating a one of a kind handbag, and you'll see how many hours can be spent debating the perfect color combination or strap length. You could book a party at one of their store locations or one of your own choosing, or just play around in their online design studio. Gifts for your b-maids, gifts for yourself, a pre-wedding or wedding could find something for everyone and every occasion here.

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