Friday, January 29, 2010

Two Web Belles: We Love This Stuff

1. Even after the cake is served, who isn't still looking for a sweet treat to re-energize for another trip to the dance floor? BT Baking offers their selection of brownies (made daily, from scratch) in customized packaging, perfect for a festive takeaway. And, from personal experience, we can say that BT's stuff is made with the finest organic ingredients and the result is evidenced in every delicious bite. Added bonus for any Philly area brides: the operation is run out of this area, and tries to buy from local farms as much as possible, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth and support Farmer John at the same time.

2. Daily Candy has been giving us the inside scoop on what to wear, where to eat, and the most unique ways to spend our weekends in our respective cities for years by sending all this info straight to our inboxes. Now they are starting a weekly email devoted to all things bridal, and you can sign up here so you don't miss a dose of the cool, the hip, and the trendy straight from Daily Candy.

3. It's time to shop for a dress for a cocktail party, a rehearsal dinner, or even a wedding. Wouldn't you love a designer frock without the designer price tag? No, we're not talking about fighting your way through a bargain basement sale. We're talking about Rent the Runway - it's like Bag, Borrow, or Steal, but with dresses instead of handbags. Joining Rent the Runway allows you to pick from a selection of dresses from top designers online. Then they mail the pieces to you, you wear them, wow everyone, and drop the dresses in the mailbox when you're done. Simple, convenient, and still leaves you plenty of closet room for all of your shoes...

4. We have a weakness for deep frying things that aren't normally deep fried. No, we don't fire up the deep fryer on a regular basis and throw random things in there, but we talk about it enough to appreciate those who do. Thanks to the CakeSpy for showing us how to concoct deep fried cupcakes on a stick. Sure, you wouldn't want to mess with these when you're aiming to slip into your dress in a couple days, but you could surely fit them in somewhere. "Hey could you come over and help me assemble my wedding invitations? I'll feed you deep fried cupcakes..." We'd be there.

5. We've seen more and more of non-floral bouquets lately. Some use handcrafted fabric or paper flowers, or a collection of small objects arranged to resemble the real thing. These brooch bouquets really pop because of the variety of baubles used and the bold colors incorporated. Obviously this doesn't give the same soft look as a traditional floral arrangement does, but if you aren't totally locked in to using flowers, this would be a unique piece to carry down the aisle.

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