Monday, August 8, 2011

Notes From a Newlywed: The Dhol Player {Manish Kataria}

I should start off this post by first answering the question, "What is a dhol player, exactly?" It's okay if you don't know, because I had never really heard of one before planning my own wedding.

A dhol is a type of Indian drum, and having a dhol player was one of the few things at the very top of the hubster's wedding must-have list. And believe me, that list was microscopically small. So getting a dhol player was a definite priority.

We contacted and booked Manish Kataria, but due to a very last minute travel hiccup* he couldn't make it to the wedding. Luckily he was able to book a back-up, who you'll see in the photos below. Sorry, Mr. Dhol Player, because I don't know your name and I only heard your work as I was tucked away inside my holding room while everyone else was outside having fun with you. But thanks for playing that dhol, nonetheless.

Of course all of the photos are once again provided by our photographer, Nicole Peterson of Girl Photography.

*This situation was handled flawlessly by my day-of coordinator, who you'll hear more about in a later post. I only had a second to contemplate how disappointing it would be to go sans-dhol player before I was reassured that a fill-in would be swooping in. Just another instance where a DOC saves the day. But like I said, more on that later.


  1. Love this, how fun! Your wedding recaps always have great tips :)

  2. I just sent you an email with the actual Dhol player's contact info. And I agree - LOVE your blog - full of fabulous tips and awesomeness.

  3. Firstly, I love Nicole's work - she is a fantastic photographer! Secondly, I love learning new things and I had never heard of dhol or dhol player until today! :)

  4. I have never heard of a Dhol player before. Too cool! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a cool idea. I'm glad the groom got a dhol player, one of his must-haves! :)


  6. i love these recaps!!! so cool and different, and great advice for anyone else who is looking for a dhol player!

  7. Wow, I'd never heard of a dhol player before - thanks for the info!


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