Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Notes From a Newlywed: The Videographer {Well Spun Weddings}

The last major vendor we secured for our wedding was the videographer. We weren't 100% sold on the value of having a movie done, so it took a while for us to make the call on this one. But our parents collectively asked us about getting a videographer enough times that we finally broke down and gave in.

I had long been a fan of Well Spun Wedding's work whenever I saw it pop up around the blogosphere. And, like I mentioned above, this was my last vendor to nail down so I didn't have an exhaustive search in my at this point. Well Spun it was.

Now, the only part of the DVD that I was personally looking forward to seeing was the section that features highlights set to music. And this part of the DVD turned out great (you can see for yourself below.) But we had some serious issues with the rest of the finished product - speeches that were cut off and the entire baraat was missing at one point.

It took a ton of back and forth over the past several months to get these issues fixed, and unfortunately our FINAL final product is not totally what we had hoped for. But I'm really glad we have the DVDs, so we can remember exactly how the speeches went and how everything looked that day.

I'm still not one to preach that you absolutely NEED to have a videographer at your wedding. I know that you can't fit everything into your budget, and I totally understand why some people skip this vendor altogether. Wedding planning is about making decisions and choices, and everyone just does what is right for them.

This officially marks the end of my 'Notes From a Newlywed' series. If you've missed any of the posts, feel free to scroll through and catch up.


  1. I think videographers at weddings are great - such a great thing for the couple to be able to watch back moments from the day that may have whizzed past them!

    1. videography is the most interesting part in wedding..........

  2. I guess everything can't be included but I can imagine that deleting even one section of your favorite day would be heart-wrenching.

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