Friday, February 10, 2012

Two Web Belles: Be Still My Heart

1. Heart shaped s'mores pops from In Between Laundry. Basically...all signs point to yes.

2. Using a heart shaped paper punch, Oh So Crafty turns magazine pages into a cool little garland. If you don't want to bust out the sewing machine to achieve this look, a small hole punch and baker's twine would do the trick, too.

3. I'm always a sucker for a a graphic tote bag, especially when it comes from the ladies of

4. These little pins were given out to wedding guests so they could "wear their hearts on their sleeves" and mimicked the felt heart boutonnieres worn by the groomsmen.

5. Stuffing a heart shaped piece of cake inside a cupcake is just so many kinds of right. Now this is a perfect little Valentine's Day treat.


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