Monday, February 27, 2012

Spotted: The Jimmy Choo Bridal Collection

Have you guys seen the recently launched Jimmy Choo Bridal Collection yet? I'm fresh off scouting out their curated selection of (totally not easy on the wallet, but fun to look at) items, which include shoes and accessories galore.

JC has shoes for the bride, of course, mostly in traditional neutral hues. I'm kind of obsessed with the delicate crystals on this first one.

There are also shoes for the bridesmaids, like these fun glittery flats.

But Jimmy Choo doesn't leave you behind after you're done walking down the aisle. They have items that are perfect for a tropical honeymoon getaway, like these sandals, sunglasses, and a huge selection of bags, too.

I wouldn't mind adding any or all of the above to my closet, and I'm already done being a bride. Ah, a Belle can dream, can't she?


  1. I want those glasses! Along with a Pina Colado in my right hand and an ocean in front of me and sand beneath me :)

  2. love the shoes . thanks for your sharing !

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  4. I have checked out your referring website. There are lots of nice bride shoes. I love the first one very much. This one are looking gorgeous. The color is also perfect and unique.


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