Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Notes From a Newlywed: The Suits {Macy's}

We weren't having a very formal wedding, so tuxes for the guys didn't really make sense. Once we were sure we wanted to go the suit route, we decided on a color: a light/medium grey. We also chose to make these the groomsmen gifts. Lots of decisions made. That was where the easy part ended.

Next came finding a suit that we liked. Really I deferred to my husband here, since I don't make a habit of wearing sensible pant suits in my everyday life and deemed him a more knowledgeable person in this matter. We did find one at a large chain men's store, but we ran into issues with availability and kind of felt our time there had run its course after some confusing customer service.

On a whim we returned to the suit section of Macy's, where we'd been before, but had been told (mistakenly) by a salesman that they don't really "do" wedding parties. We found a more accommodating salesman this time around, and we were on our way to buying ten suits through their personal shopping service within minutes. (And it should be noted that they outfit wedding parties all the time).

For anyone in the Philly area, I can't recommend enough to get your suits from the King of Prussia Macy's to outfit your groom and groomsmen. The thought of getting the right jacket and pant sizes, shipping them all over the country, and then dealing with exchanges or alterations for ten guys made me want to ball up in the fetal position in the shoe department (they have so much seating there). But Sherri with Macy's handled this like it wasn't a big deal at all. She was incredibly on top of our massive order, expedited exchanges when a couple different sizes were discovered to be needed, and coordinated our purchase with available sales so we could get the best price.

Can we talk about the suits for a second? The light grey Tommy Hilfiger looked great on all the guys, and complemented the bridesmaids' varying blue dresses fabulously. The suit has a slimmer cut and it's the perfect weight for the warmer months. I know a bunch of the guys have worn it several times since...including my husband.

Just a note on the ties: we also gifted these to the guys, with the g-men (left) ties from Banana Republic and the groom's tie (right) from Nordstrom.

All the suits (and the guys) were photographed perfectly by the one and only Nicole Peterson of Girl Photography.


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