Monday, January 2, 2012

We're Fans: Uptown Artworks

I discovered Uptown Artworks when I was doing a bit of holiday shopping a couple months back on One Kings Lane. One customizable item in the shop's pet themed pillow collection was the perfect gift for someone on my list, and the quality of the finished piece when it arrived at my door was beyond what I had expected.

This isn't the one I purchased, but it's similar in style.

But Uptown Artworks isn't just about your four-legged friends. Alot of their pieces could be flawlessly incorporated into your wedding. In fact, they have a pretty large selection of options when it comes to ring bearer pillows. Just take a look at some of the options. From favorite quotes to your wedding date to meaningful locations, you can have it all put on a pillow.

The shop has home accessories that would make for great gifts for newlyweds (or for yourself), too. Destination wall art (I had to include the Connecticut one, obviously), zip code pillows, and custom family wall art are just a few of my favorites below.

Isn't it easy to see why we're fans of Uptown Artworks?


  1. I can attest to how fab these pillows are. Love mine.

  2. You have a very lovely Blog. Thanks for Sharing...


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