Friday, January 6, 2012

Two Web Belles: Sidewalk Chalk

1. This ring shot from Solar Photographers is so cute and would be so easy to replicate with just a couple pieces of chalk. I really liked how, when I first saw this on Landlocked Bride, the engagement ring's setting kind of looked like a little tiara on top of the stick figure's head.

2. Chalkboard place mats aren't just an easy way for you to assign your guests' seats for a casual dinner. If you provide a few pieces of chalk with each place setting, then everyone will have a chance to doodle while at the table - or maybe even face off in a little tic-tac-toe.

3. Aren't Dana Tanamachi's custom chalk letterings just the best things to hit blackboards since felt erasers? The crisp detailing is really unbelievable.

4. This couple wasn't afraid to lay out on, and get creative with, the pavement for their engagement session with Chelsea Nicole Photography.

5. Faux wedding cakes, covered in blackboard paint, occupy the little ones at a wedding reception shot by Eric Lundgren Photography. I originally saw this posted on a BRIDES blog, and think it would be fun for the adults to grab a piece of chalk and join in on the "cake decorating," too.

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