Friday, January 27, 2012

Two Web Belles: Have A Ball

1. I would personally hate it if gum was anywhere near my wedding cake, but I do love the way these gumballs add dimension and color to each tier.

2. We have The Party Dress to thank for this next DIY, which involves covering styrofoam balls with wine corks. This a fairly large version, which they've hung from the ceiling, so I have to ask the question: how much fun would it be gathering these materials (glug, glug, glug)?

3. I want a confetti ball favor filled with goodies just like the one Offbeat Bride made. Someone be a doll, make one, and send it to me!

4. Talk about popcorn balls taken to a whole new level. Not Quite Nigella not only makes them pink, but then transforms them into pomanders with the skillful addition of looped ribbon. So cute.

5. Remember this: a good flower ball never hurt nobody. Oh, and do you see that runner? It's really just glass tiles laid out on the table. Such an inspired idea.

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