Monday, December 26, 2011

We're Fans: Audrey & Emma

Now that we've all dug out from under the pile of ripped wrapping paper and discarded bows, what were your favorite gifts this year? If anyone got a new bag, then maybe heading over to Audrey & Emma should be your next move.

Audrey & Emma doesn't offer a supply of handbags, no no. But Santa already covered that, right? What you'll find here are bag liners that conform to the shape of your bag and protect and preserve it. Kind of an innovative idea if you ask me.

Let me just throw this out there: liners are only available for Louis and Longchamp bags right now, so you'd have to have with a fairly generous Santa to use their off the shelf products. They do, however, offer a custom liner option for any other bags needing a little pick me up.

PS...Is anyone braving the mall today? Yowza.

1 comment:

  1. This is interesting... Bag sag? This is cosmetic surgery for your purse... hee hee =) cute idea.

    And yes I am going to try and brave the mall today.. wish me luck!! =)


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