Friday, November 25, 2011

Two Web Belles: Plymouth Rock

1. I gotta give it up to Cris from Kiss My Tulle for pinning this photo earlier this week, or else I might not have ever found it. If your 'maids are going to be standing in grass for the ceremony, which we all know is a tall order for any new pair o' heels, then laying out flat little rocks for them to stand on is sensible and makes for a great photo-op. Plus, there's no confusion on where exactly they have to line up.

2. River rocks topped off with a floating orchid make for a a quick and easy centerpiece. With a look like this, you can definitely work with a smaller vase and still achieve a powerful look in the center of your table.

3. This wool table runner from Bev Hisey is die-cut with a river rock pattern that is a modern, fun twist on your normal table dressing.

4. Next is stone heart-shaped table weights, originally found via I Want I Want I Want, and available from the Velvet Brown online shop. These have to be the cutest way to secure your outdoor tablecloths, right?

5. Felted heart pebbles from Etsy seller SewnNatural are softer, and way more colorful, than your average backyard rock. If you ordered them in white, couldn't you think of a million ways to add them to your wedding day?


  1. I love the flat rock idea...such a simple but smart solution to a common problem with outdoor weddings.

  2. I saw the flat rocks on Pinterest also - SO clever!
    Lexi xx
    Glitter Weddings

  3. I too, love the flat rocks for an outdoor wedding. I'm so suggesting it at my next one!! Thanks!!


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