Monday, November 21, 2011

Notes From a Newlyed: The Registry {Macy's}

Right around the time we got our DJ locked down, we also got around to figuring out our registry. We decided to register at only one place, which every bridal mag and website will tell you is a no-no. You should give your guests limitless gifting options! You should get basics from a larger store and more unique items from a specialty shop! I get the point, but I also get that our lovely (but pretty cozy) post-wedding abode can only hold so much wedding gift goodness before we'd be using said gifts as makeshift pieces of furniture for lack of space.

So off to Macy's we went one day last Fall to wield the scan gun. Macy's made the most sense because it had the items we were looking to stock up on, offered a fair range of price points, and had one of the more generous registry rewards programs I had seen. This last factor proved to be huge when we made a fairly big wedding related purchase there several months later...but I'll get to that more in a future post.

The funny thing with picking out registry items is that everything looks amazing and fabulous when you're in the store or when you're shuffling items in and out online. But you just never really know how everything's going to hold up until you unpack and start using them. There are some items that were epic fails, and looking back now I see they have negative reviews online so I'm not the only one who thinks they're duds.

But I have some things, especially in the kitchen, that have proven to work out perfectly, especially with our space constraints.

These nesting magnetic measuring spoons actually fit in the drawer that I thought was too small to hold anything.

The mini food processor takes up no space at all in the cabinets and is still large enough to get all the slicing and dicing done.

I had heard from several people who had already chartered the registry waters that they'd regretted getting the cookware set that comes with every pot and pan imaginable, when you really only use so many of them every single day. I kept that in mind and hand picked the ones I wanted, and I have yet to find myself missing anything come dinner time.

These collapsible measuring cups are another space saver and super easy to clean.

Anyone else out there have any registry reports, either good or bad?


  1. This is such an awesome post! :)

  2. We considered registering at Macy's (ended up not doing since no location in Alaska) but I love hearing how your experience went!

  3. Registering for gifts was so fun! Macy's made things so easy for us and our guests. I highly recommend them and Pottery Barn but Target, not so much.

  4. i like the idea of magnetic measuring spoons...

  5. We registered at Macy's too! If you can, it's definitely a good idea to try to get the credit card, too...we got a couple of hundred bucks back and a great discount on all of the stuff we purchased that was leftover on our registry!

  6. ooh love those magnetic measuring spoons!

  7. It seems like Macy's worked for you. I like the items that you chose.


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