Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We're Fans: Ormolu

Do any of you ever fall into a blog black hole? Where you find a link on one blog, then it leads you to another blog, where maybe you putz around for a while and then find another link and yet another blog...and then you're so far removed from where you started that you can barely remember what you were originally looking for. Well that's how I found Ormolu one day not too long ago. But once I was browsing around the online shop and saw all the fun paper and fabric items they have for sale, I parked it right there for a bit before moving on.

I've included just a few of my favorite Ormolu offerings right here for your viewing pleasure.

The chevron prints and quick little sayings included in the Line & Letter Mix Tags would be nifty card or gift additions for so many different occasions.

Could you see the 'he,' 'she,' and 'we' Line & Letter Negative Scallop Tags making a great backdrop for wedding bands when it's time for the ring shot?

I can see why these Merrymaker Dots n' Spots are on back-order, especially with the holidays so close. How many craft projects could you add these lovelies to this season?

Wouldn't the GO Fabric Swatches be so easy to incorporate into a travel themed wedding guest book?

This is really just a small sample of all the papery perfection that Ormolu has for sale, so be sure to check out the store to see everything for yourself. The shop is also very eco-conscious, with a focus on recycled paper and soy ink, which is always a nice bonus.


  1. these are adorable. i love those chevron ones

  2. Wow, these are all so cute! Great find!

  3. Definitely a nice bonus to have the earth conscious materials! Thanks for the good find!


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