Friday, September 9, 2011

Two Web Belles: Walking On Eggshells

1. Broken bits of eggshells make for great mosaic supplies. How have we not seen the correlation before? This DIY used colorful post-Easter eggs, but we think using a skillful mix of white and brown eggs would make for a solid anytime-of-the-year mosaic.

2. The next time you empty out an egg carton, get out your crafting supplies and a string of lights can have a set of flower petal lights all your own.

3. Even though we've been fans of Paloma's Nest for a while now, we still continue to find new pieces to love. Take a look at these white clay eggs that are stamped with black text of your choosing. It's the quiet design that is a trademark of all of Paloma's work that has us wanting to quickly gather up a dozen.

4. Have you ever received an invitation or message like the one below? We definitely haven't. Here a tiny piece of paper is rolled up and fit into a tiny hole that's been pierced into a decorated (and emptied out) egg. Then you just have to get your crack on to get to whatever is waiting for you inside.

5. Eggs can double as candle holders if you have the knack for following these Martha-provided instructions. We would totally get yolk all over ourselves trying this one out, we just know it.


  1. Very unique ideas! Must have very careful fingers to create these.

  2. Those eggshell flowers are great!

  3. I once got a chinesse doll with a message inside, I loved the idea of the message inside the egg!!!!

  4. Love these!! Especially the egg shell mosaic and the message-in-an-egg-shell! How creative!

  5. Thanks for featuring my mosaic! LOVE the idea of using a mix of brown and white eggs, perfect!

  6. This is such a fun post :) Love polka dot 'crack me' egg!


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