Friday, September 23, 2011

Two Web Belles: Hang Time

1. I've seen bottles get strung up and used for a floating vase effect enough times now, but I'm still sort of mystified as to how these people pull this off. Making flowers look good while sitting on a table can be a tricky task in itself, so when you add in the hanging element it gets even trickier. But when it's done right, like in this wedding from Eat Drink Chic, it looks so cool. I really like the alternating levels of the bottles here, don't you?

2. Victoria from A Subtle Revelry goes through step-by-step instructions for creating an oversized tassel garland over on Project Wedding. Garlands aren't going anywhere, and neither is sparkle. With this DIY, you get a little bit of both. Be sure to stock up as the holiday season soon will be approaching: the tassels are made from leftover bits of wrapping paper.

3. I found these hanging chairs and thought they would be fun additions to a lounge space at an outdoor reception. A space that came with ample tree limbs to spare, of course.

4. This party spotted on Hostess With The Mostess was a lemonade themed birthday bash, but I think the hanging parasols would look great at a bridal shower, don't you? Especially if you didn't want to do anything too theme-y with the decorations, this would be an easy way to cleverly allude to the "shower" with some bright umbrellas hanging over the gift or dessert table.

5. Your standard plastic deli containers make great cupcake holders when they're flipped upside down. How have I never realized this before? It doesn't help to add some fancy embellishment, which in the case of giver'slog, was found in the form of decorative draw pulls. Add ribbon and there you have it: a DIY cupcake tree.


  1. The hanging flower vases definitely has a very nice aesthetic look. Lovely ideas!

  2. I love the parasols and I would have never thought of the plastic deli containers. That's a must keep idea and one you can really embellish to make your own!

  3. So sweet. Want to have a taste of cakes.

  4. Hang time! I love it! Such great ideas!I love the hanging chairs the most...they look fun!


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