Friday, August 12, 2011

Two Web Belles: Warrior Pose

1. Maybe a pair of sky-high heels isn’t your most sought-after wedding day accessory. You could do your best Gladiator impression with a pair of sandals like these, and still kill it in the style department. These cute flats were captured by Laurel McConnell in Seattle.

2. A photo booth isn’t quite a photo booth without some quality props. If you’re looking for options besides mustaches on sticks, then raid the Halloween aisle and stock up on some funny costume hats. Your guests will look fierce (literally) rocking those Viking horns, as is demonstrated in this Elizabeth Scott Photography booth.

3. A crest or coat of arms isn’t just a symbol from medieval battles. This basic logo can be personalized and used throughout your wedding day stationery, as is seen in these invitations by Nick Brue on Beast Pieces.

4. Draw your swords and get ready for that camera. These whacky images are from Jagger Photography at a wedding in Rhode Island.

5. When looking through the jewelry pieces from IMK by Rebecca Schiffman, we couldn’t help but think of chainmail armor. It’s this mix of masculine materials and feminine details that is a signature look throughout the entire collection.


  1. Swords at your wedding would have been good to have on hand. Jusy sayin'.


  2. Fun stuff. Love the Halloween isle idea...some photo booth props look kind of scary after being used so many times ;-) And ooooh, this cuff bracelet is so gorgeous!

  3. Fun post!! I'm most likely not going to have swords at my wedding, but those photos make it look like a great idea! ;)

  4. what a cute theme - love the invites and the hanging jewelry

  5. Hat at the head of bride is so cool.


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