Friday, August 5, 2011

Two Web Belles: Do You Believe in Magic?

1. The deep red found in black magic roses makes for a dramatic bouquet from Heavenly Blooms. Some shy away from using roses nowadays, but it's a traditional choice and with the right styling, can still look modern, too.

2. Turn your backyard or outdoor space into a relaxing late night retreat for party-goers by filling it with "magic" carpets, pillows, and lanterns.

3. Give it up for some Harry Potter love in this engagement shoot from En Pointe Photography. You won't find huge HP fans here in the TWB office, but we still think this shot is just perfect for fans of the wizard (he is a wizard...isn't he?) Remember you can tote along any of your fave books to your e-shoot and get a similarly adorable shot.

4. This DIY project takes giant Pixy Stix and turns them into magic wands. But with the use of chipboard flowers, they end up looking like stems that would be perfect for a kids' table centerpiece or for a flower girl's hands. Plus the sugary treat inside is a huge surprise/bonus.

5. Jack isn't the only one who will have magic beans if you indulge in these personalized favors for your guests. The beans come imprinted with a message of your choosing, and as the small plant sprouts, the bean pods will still show off the words.


  1. I would bring Tina Fey's book for a nice photoshoot.



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