Friday, July 15, 2011

Two Web Belles: Square Pegs

1. We owe You Stir Me for highlighting the work of Maggie Austin Cake a while back. After seeing a few cakes, we meandered over to their site to fully stalk their gallery and fell for these two-tiered square cakes.

2. These perfectly squared groupings of petals all intersect to form a runway that almost looks too perfect for a model's stomp. Something like this could easily be translated into a ceremony aisle look. You just need to employ someone with alot of patience to pull this one off.

3. For this DIY from WhipperBerry, all you need to get started is a basic square frame and a bed sheet. A few simple steps later and you've got yourself a wreath. Just swap out the color of the sheet to suit your event's color scheme or general theme. This one is definitely versatile.

4. Tufted floral cubes are topped with flowers in this ceremony from Aileen Tran. This is a much more sleek, modern look than using a weathered planter and works for an indoor space, too.

5. Who says cupcakes can't be squared? We sure don't. And no one does it better than Cupcakes Squared, as is seen below.

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