Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spotted: Pat Furey Photography

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Now that that's out of the way, we can get down to today's business. It was almost a year ago that
we first featured photographer Pat Furey's work on this blog. We've been secretly wanting to have more of Pat's photos here ever since, and now we get to show you a recent wedding he shot at a beachside location in New Jersey.

Thanks, Pat, for letting us share Julie & Ryan's wedding here on TWB. We love
checking in on your blog and seeing all the fun couples you've been shooting.

We're always suckers for candid getting ready shots.

Do you love the bride's sneaks as much as we do? They look way more appropriate for a seaside getaway than a pair of heels, too.

This just screams Jersey Shore...in a totally un-Snookie way, obviously.

This ring shot is just too much - you can see every detail of those sparkling diamonds.


  1. The photographer captured details usually hidden from view. Love it :))

  2. Those sneakers are FAB and so are the pics.


  3. I love the shots with her veil blowing in the breeze, how lovely!!

  4. Absolutely love his work. Secretly stalk his blog.

  5. These are awesome! Love finding new photographers to crush on :) The bubble shot and one on the lifeguard stand are my favorites!


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