Monday, July 11, 2011

Spotted: Dress My Cupcake

If you remember the tales of last summer's cupcake crawl, then you really don't need any reminding that we love cupcakes around here. And sure, most of the time these bad boys don't last too long around either one of us because we really can't resist the allure of that moist cake, that smooth icing, that perfect smattering of sprinkles on top. Gulp. But sometimes even we recognize that you want to step up your cupcake game and put a little something extra into the presentation of it all. Then after everyone is done "ooh"-ing and "aah"-ing, the devouring can properly commence.

So we were ridiculously happy when Ashely from Dress My Cupcake reached out to us and offered to ship a few samples of their wrappers to the TWB test kitchen. Dress My Cupcake has a wrapper for pretty much every type of party or event you could ever want to throw: patterned, glittered, name it. Check out their site for all of the crazy ways you can outfit your next batch of cupcakes.

We got our hands on a blue glittery wrapper and an assortment of their solid wrappers, which actually have alot of texture to them since they're also covered in small dots. And while assembly was something of a concern to this particular Belle going into this mini photo shoot, I can say that the wrappers were really easy to fit together and place around already iced cupcakes (which is NOT recommended, actually!) If trying this at home, remember to wrap first, then ice second.

What do you think? The wrappers make the 'cakes look pretty snazzy, right? And I'd love to say that these cupcake cuties were of the homemade variety, but but I'd be lying to you. Thanks to Tartes in Old City Philadelphia for perfectly packaging these treats so they didn't melt on the hot walk home.


  1. I love those wrappers! Definitely the perfect touch to personalizing cupcakes!


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