Friday, March 4, 2011

Two Web Belles: A Trip to the Hardware Store

1. Have some old paint cans lying around, just dying for re-use? ReadyMade has a DIY project that turns those cans into a hanging display. Granted, this project isn't for a craft newbie. But the finished product is a striking piece, one that looks equally as stunning with the cans holding something like flowers or just left empty.

2. How does the old saying go? "One man's trashed window is another man's wedding treasure" - is that it? Here are just a few examples of ways to use an old window in your wedding: seating chart with glass; photo display; seating chart with clothespins; menu.

3. If you were to look quickly at the bouquets below, you might think there were just regular ol' florals in them. But no, they are actually entirely made from door knobs. We know, our doors don't have knobs quite that pretty, either. 100 Layer Cake has some more shots of these beauties, along with DIY instructions.

4. Nicole of The Plunge Project offers up a slightly unconventional ritual that lets you use a hammer during your ceremony. It involves wine and love letters, too. So no objections from us. You take a bottle of wine, two glasses, and letters that you and your soon-to-be hubby write to each other the day before your wedding, and place them all in a wooden box. During the ceremony you each take turns hammering the box shut. Then, you pick a future anniversary to open the box, read the letters, and drink the wine. Cheers to that.

5. How many wedding planners does it take to turn a light bulb into a bud vase? That is a great question. At least Re-Nest has some inspiration to get us started.


  1. I don't drink but i love the idea of the wooden box wine. I would choose apple cider but the thought is still there. LOVE IT!!

    Happy Friday!!

  2. Love using an alternative beverage too. Great idea!

  3. LOVE the wooden box! What a great idea to save and open on a special anniversary.


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