Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things I've Learned While Planning: 2 Months To Go

Today we're actually two months away exactly. So of course you know what that means...the invitations just went out the door and are currently on their merry way to our guests. Huge thing checked off the to-do list right there. For more of what I've learned in the last month of wedding planning, read on:

1. There is no way to segue from Phillies spring training to important church paperwork when you run into your priest right after he's just returned from Florida.

2. If anyone is looking to outfit the male half of their wedding party in suits instead of tuxes, Macy's should be your first stop. The service on their end has made it super easy to get 10 suits out to the guys.

3. I now get slightly disappointed if I don't see my "usual" lady at the post office. She is just so nice and helpful.

4. Never before would I have guessed that writing a thank you note required so much instruction.

5. I am 100% not a French bustle kind of girl. (I already knew this one going in, but dress fitting #1 just confirmed it.)

6. The items on our registry that my fiancé actually selected are the ones he's most confused by when they arrive.

7. The word "final" apparently has more than one definition...you know, as in "final" invitation proofs...?

Definitely in the home stretch now. May 29th doesn't seem too far away at all. Thanks for reading!


  1. I love this! My favorite is #6. It makes me laugh thinking of how guys are lol.

  2. I know Melina, right? Gotta love it haha.


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