Friday, February 4, 2011

Two Web Belles: Queen of Hearts

Before diving into the usual Web Belles roundup below, be sure to see our ceremony q&a that's been posted on the SmartBride Boutique blog. Thanks to The Fab Bride for making it happen!

1. Paper hearts: we've been making them since kindergarten but they still catch our eyes as adults. They can be taped to a city's wall to create a lighthearted e-session backdrop, like in the
shot from The Urban Bride below. You can sew them together to make a hanging focal point over a table. Or if you're in the mood for some DIY, then Once Wed is the place to see how to make adorable woven hearts.

2. Stuffed fabric hearts are a playful addition to this wedding day photo. We like the soft colors and the slightly misshapen quality - brings a nice homemade touch to the shot.

3. How about trying this one if you're into sewing or quilting? The bride and groom had their guests write messages on red fabric hearts and used this as their guest book. Then after the wedding, the bride's grandmother stitched them all together to make a keepsake for the new couple.

4. Your tootsies deserve why not deck them out with hearts? You're sure to make a bold statement with your toes peeking out from the heart-shaped cutouts on these Alexander McQueen heels. And the lovely ladies of make it easy to add some sparkly heart goodness to any pair of your shoes with their sequin shoe clips.

5. These brightly colored hearts look ready to be scooped right up and eaten. The presentation in antique pie tins is an added vintage treat for these treats.


  1. Really like the antique pie tins for presentation. And I like pie, so there's that.

    -Liz Lemon


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