Friday, February 18, 2011

Two Web Belles: Light As A Feather

1. We’ve seen a lot of themed bridal showers before, and none has shown a more successful execution than the “Let's Feather Her Nest” one featured on the The Sweetest Occasion. The tag line is clever and appropriate for the event, while the feathers themselves are playful props for those in attendance.

2. Lo Boheme has come out with a new collection of its hair accessories, and designer Lauren “Lo” Christensen has sprinkled feathers in with alot of the pieces. We first spotted the latest Lo Boheme offerings on Aisle Candy, which hosted a giveaway of the "Etta" design - featuring a mix of three different kinds of feathers - all this week. But you can check out all of what Lo is offering on her newly launched site.

3. Let’s face it: fuzzy feathers and icing aren’t really the best mix. A hand painted design, like the peacock one below, is a great option if the cake is where you want to incorporate a feather motif.

4. Mark Montano provides a great little tutorial on how to create a centerpiece with paper feathers. If you used smartly patterned or richly colored paper to make these oversized feathers, you could really have an eye-popping centerpiece on your table in no time.

5. Maybe you want your ‘maids to rock the feather look. If so, there is a big selection of dresses out there that won’t leave them looking like Big Bird. Here are just a few of our favorites (from top to bottom): Sue Wong, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Alice + Olivia.


  1. Um, I am in LOVE with this Sue Wong dress! Sooooo pretty!!!!

  2. Katie, Sue Wong has so many great dresses! It was hard picking just one.


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