Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're Fans: The Jewelry Bar for Bridesmaid Gifts

When I was in the throes of planning last year, selecting the bridesmaids' gifts was one of the most fun to-do's on my list. Since I wanted customized options for each of the girls, I knew Etsy was my best bet. I did a lot of poring over the seemingly endless accessory options, and struck out Goldilocks style - too girly, too funky, too cheesy... Then I found The Jewelry Bar and their feminine, unique, and stylish offerings. Juuust right.

The Jewelry Bar features handmade necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in tons of covetable styles. The semiprecious stones and metals can be changed to suit your preferences. Some of my favorites include:

Rose quartz and gray pearl earrings

This was one of my selections - I swapped the rose quartz for a smoky color to coordinate with the graphite gray dresses the bridesmaids wore.

Rose charm double strand necklace--emerald green quartz

This style wasn't available when I made my purchases, but I'm thinking about snagging one for myself now.

Bare Leaf  Lariat--mystic blue quartz in sterling silver chain

I ordered a very similar lariat. In case you're wondering, a lariat is basically a necklace without a clasp. Looks great on, looks confusing in the box.

Bird cage charm with rose quartz, mystic pink quartz and fresh water pearl, 14k gold filled

Full disclosure, birds kinda creep me out, but I can see this being a hit with spring brides or vintage lovers.

REDUCED-Bubble drop Earrings--Orange chalcedony

Love these.

Silver Link necklace--sterling silver

Pretty enough for wedding, simple enough for everyday.

This is a seriously small sampling of the fabulous options over at The Jewelry Bar. If you make your way over there, let us know what you think. We're pretty sure you'll love what they've got as much as we do.

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