Friday, December 17, 2010

Two Web Belles: The Other Kind of Bells

1. Here is a DIY project that could add some jingle jangle to your home or your (winter) wedding venue. The directions for jingle bell mistletoe are really easy to follow, so you could churn out a lot of these to hang in bunches over a doorway or window in no time at all.

2. This cluster of bells makes for a Kate Spade ring that walks the fine line between eye-catching and obnoxious. And that's exactly what we look for in our cocktail rings, isn't it?

3. Looking for a fresh take on the bride and groom send off? Well we think these DIY ribbon and bell wands are just the thing to help ring in your first big exit. They can even pull double duty and carry over to the reception as "kissing wands" - used by your guests to encourage a kiss instead of the traditional glass clink.

4. We never get sick of sharing Martha Stewart projects. Probably because even when they're not intended for weddings, the easy to follow instructions and impressive end results always get our DIY wheels turning. This jingle bell wreath would look great accenting the end of an aisle, as a welcome to the ceremony or reception venue, and could double as a handy tambourine when it comes time for dancing.
Jingle Bell Wreaths

5. This jingle bell charm bracelet by Etsy seller PrincessByDesign is pretty wrist candy for a winter bride. At under $50, it won't break the bank, and it would work with a lot of flowy, romantic dress styles. You may want to remove the bell for the ceremony, unless you want to jingle down the aisle.
Snow White Winter Chill SNOW FAIRY Boutique Custom Jingle Bell SNOWFLAKE Charm Bracelet

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  1. I really like that Martha jingle bell wreath. Very stylish. And anything that can double as a tambourine should be celebrated.

    - Liz Lemon


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