Friday, November 19, 2010

Two Web Belles: Globetrotting

1. These where we met ornaments from the Paloma's Nest Holiday 2010 collection have the signature Paloma's Nest imperfect typeset and creamy smooth ceramic. We love, like really love. It would make an awesome favor for a winter wedding during the holiday season if budget allows, or a token for the bride and groom to pull out each year at Christmastime.

Image 2

2. We always love a good group shot at a wedding. You know you love it too when the photog tries to squeeze every guest into the frame for one second of organized chaos. Well we had to look to Italy to see what a true group shot is. Italians often walk through the town square from the church to the reception location together, and of course this allows for so many great candids to be captured. It kind of feels like this Italian tradition was ahead of its time, as the "out on the town" wedding day photos have become increasingly popular as of late here in the States. (credits: top, middle, bottom)

3. Kitchen gifts are a no-brainer for a newly married couple, but picks off the registry can sometimes be too impersonal for close friends. These state cutting boards are a one of a kind gift. Choose where they met, or where they plan to build their life together. A tiny heart can be engraved on the city of your choice. These are practical as cutting boards, pretty enough to use as a serving platter, and we bet the lucky couple will smile and think of you each time they use it.

Pennsylvania Plyboo Cutting Board

4. JHill Design has tons of travel inspired paper goodies, but we especially love these personalized prints. Choose the country/state or city, pattern and color. Honeymoon memento that totally trumps a postcard? Yes, please!


5. How about another dose of European wedding tradition? This time it's from Greece and it involves writing the names of the bride's single friends or bridesmaids on the bottom of her wedding shoes. Whichever name is visible at the end of the night is supposed to be the next to get hitched. A cute alternative to the often dreaded bouquet toss, no? And we think this is just another fun way to include your friends in your day anyway. (credits: top, middle, bottom)

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