Friday, October 8, 2010

Two Web Belles: Think Pink!

1. When most people think wedding gown they think white, but there are so many pretty pink dress options out there, ranging from princess inspired in blush to modern with tailored ruffles in carnation pink. (We can't have a discussion about pink dresses without the obligitory Gwen Stefani wedding portrait.) If you're thinking about a pink dress, feel free to hit up the bridal salons and check out which dress option come in your shade, but don't forget to browse the bridesmaid dresses as well. Might as well snag the dress of your dreams without the bridal markup.

2. We think the letters on the candy table spell it out (literally). If you're thinking pink for a dessert or candy bar, the pure fluffliness that is cotton candy is kind of a no-brainer. It isn't the most filling treat, but it rates high on the fun/whimsy/childhood throwback scale.


3. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something pink, floral, and feathery in your hair. Isn't that how the line goes? Well, it could be with a statement piece like this from Tessa Kim. It's soft, a little vintage, and a subtle enough shade of blush pink that it won't compete with an ivory or white gown. Be sure to check out their site for all types of veils and hair adornments. A lot of cool stuff.

You don't have to just eat pink or wear pink. You can "prop" pink, too. A sea of balloons always seems so romantic and sweet. And the subtle hint of pink of a groom's umbrella is super if shielding his bride from a few stray rain drops wasn't already enough. We know everyone isn't going to stage their wedding day shots like this, but the pink goodness was just too good to pass up.

5. When it comes to favors we always recommend a little edible treat for guests. We have to break the mold here after checking out the offerings at the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month online store. Proceeds go to the foundation, and even wedding favors can start a conversation and raise awareness. We like the drink coozies, and reusable grocery bags.

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