Friday, October 29, 2010

Two Web Belles: Hallowizzy

1. Black lace is a great fabric for saying 'trick or treat' without wearing a costume. Obviously you're steering away from the more expected white tones going with black, and in doing so you're also bringing an edgier quality to a fabric that is usually so subtle and sweet.

2. Orange you glad we didn't say soda? Yes, we've always had a soft spot for this partic soft drink. So when we saw this as the featured drink for guests to cool off with at a hot DC summer reception, we wished we had been in attendance so we could take a swig or two. If orange isn't your color (or flavor) of choice, you could of course look to a different specialty soda variety. There are so many readily available nowadays (the ones pictured are from Trader Joe's.)

3. This black ruffle crepe paper wreath really struck our fancy. Love that the steps are simple and the end result is pretty and polished. Of course this wreath could be made in any color to match the decor you're planning, but there's something sophisticated and unexpected about black paper.

4. Jack O' Lanterns have really taken it up a notch in the past few years. Maybe it's America's growing pumpkin obsession with lattes, soups, and baked goods turning up around every corner, the old standby feels the need to measure up. We wouldn't expect anything less, but Martha has outdone herself with these sunburst pumpkin lanterns. Seasonal, but subtle - how does she do it?

5. There's something spooky and mysterious about chess. (Probably the fact that neither of us have the slightest idea of how to play) This life-size chess board is a dramatic bridal photo-op that could be making an artistic statement about the parallels between navigating married life and strategizing a win on that familiar checkered board. Or, they just thought it looked really cool. So did we.

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