Friday, July 16, 2010

Two Web Belles: When In Doubt, Wed It Out

1. One of us was at a bridal shower last weekend, and hands down one of the best gifts to be unwrapped that day was a cookbook of family recipes. This one was totally handmade and heartfelt - collages of family photos through the years and quirky stickers adorned the pages that showcased the how-to's for the family's favorite snacks, meals, and cocktails. But there are also options out there for you to whip up a more tailored cookbook if that's more your style. Just look at what sites like Big Oven, Heritage Cookbook, and even Blurb have to offer. Regardless of what kind of book you choose, you're sure to have a winner here because the bride-to-be needs something to cook after getting all of those crazy kitchen gadgets off her registry.

2. Linda & Harriett and their spellbinding paper products are now crossing over to the other side of electronic mailings. That's right, L&H's work will be featured for a limited time on e-vitation site Paperless Post beginning in September. These are two of our recent faves in the invitation/save the date/announcement world, so we are thrilled to see them teaming up and we couldn't be more excited to see what they come up with!

3. Come join in our gawking over Nicole and Mike's lively reception on Bridal Banter, where the MVP of the day has to be the pizza truck that pulled up and delivered some grub for the pair and their guests. Not exactly sure on the pizza vendor used in this San Francisco wedding, but we have heard firsthand rave reviews about a similar operation, Big Green Truck Pizza, out of Connecticut. Pizza made to order on wheels - now that's amore.

4. By now you've seen the commercials featuring the Old Spice Guy (we crack up every time he deadpans "I'm on a horse.") but did you know he responds to tweets with customized videos on Youtube? Hilarious, yes, and now wedding worthy. A follower in the UK requested a marriage proposal to his girlfriend from the Old Spice Guy. This took some guts but he must have known his audience, because she said yes.

5. Times are certainly tight and newly engaged couples are getting continually more creative with their wedding day choices to keep the budget in check. However when we heard about the trend of celebrating weddings in a retail stores, we just couldn't get on board. Sure, locations such as Taco Bell, T.J. Maxx, and Home Depot will often offer up their space to you at no cost - but does anyone really want to remember their wedding day as flanked by racks of discount merchandise or lumber? We always back sensible spending and having a wedding day within your means, but there are more inspired ways to make it happen.

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