Friday, July 2, 2010

Two Web Belles: Not Just Stars and Stripes

1. Everyone loves a good snow cone to cool off during the summer. The sugary shaved ices have long been a staple at carnivals and boardwalks - but not so much a big time player on the wedding scene. By following Food & Wine's tips for turning these into an adults-only treat (adding Kahlua? Bailey's?), we think a snow cone cocktail hour is somewhere we'd definitely want to be.

2. Nothing is quite as synonymous with the 4th as fireworks are. But if an explosive nighttime display isn't in your budget, why not think smaller and more interactive? Sparklers are fun, wallet-friendly, and create the opportunity for some lighthearted photos. This nighttime shot, captured by photog Stacie Tatum, was taken with each bridesmaid spelling out a different letter in the word love. Adorable, no?

3. Bunting flags are a huge wedding trend this year, but we like this crafty spin on a banner from Country Living. Their version is perfect if you're going for an Americana vibe - the obvious red, white, and blue color scheme and a funky midwestern typeset. Luckily, the directions are elementary school simple, so if a July 4th wedding isn't in the works for you just swap the colors and font to suit your taste and decor. If we were going to put our own TWB spin on this, though, we would use a wide ribbon to hang the rosettes in lieu of the pipe-cleaner chain, tied at either end with a floppy bow.

4. Looking for a dessert table item or edible take-away that evokes the feeling of the 4th? How about mini apple pies? Every guest will feel extra special as they dig into their own personal serving of pie goodness. And with this recipe from House and Home, taking the extra step of making these goodies yourself seems, well...easy as pie. Don't forget that the presentation here could really boost the Americana theme - think about gingham and madras when choosing display table linens or ribbons to adorn individual packaging.

5. If you're planning an outdoor wedding at home, you've probably pondered what your guests will eat with. A caterer could provide silver, but that seems a little formal for a backyard affair. On the other hand, plastic flatware isn't quite right for a wedding either. Our bet is on bamboo. It's eco-friendly and looks laid-back chic, especially when wrapped in a vivid paper napkin with a contrasting origami band, a la Martha Stewart. She suggests bonding the ring with double sided tape, but a swipe with a glue stick would bond just enough to hold the assembly together, but not so much to rip the ring when guests are ready to dig in!

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