Friday, February 12, 2010

Two Web Belles: With a Splash of V-Day

1. We love the muted reds and pinks shown in the details of this Style Me Pretty shoot. The gold/champagne notes really add warmth throughout and create a completely romantic vibe.

2. Here's a dessert table with a mod V-Day color scheme. If you want to have a dessert or candy table, remember to make it your own. Repeating shapes and colors will run a cohesive thread through the myriad sweet treats you opt to display, and switching up display heights will add visual interest.

3. Loving these letterpressed invitations in cardinal red calligraphy from Bella Figura. Classicly simple.

4. Deep reds and purples are boldly used in this wedding. The candles, lighting, and lanterns at the reception? Enchanting!

5. Wedding cake artist extraordinaire Ron Ben-Israel whips up this heart shaped rose petal by petal, and makes it look as easy as frosting cupcakes with a can of Betty Crocker. Roses, hearts, and sugar...isn't that just the Valentine's Day trifecta? Take a look below and be amazed.

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