Friday, January 22, 2010

Two Web Belles: What You Need to See Now

1. Veils are back in (were they ever really out?) per InStyle, and they've provided enough photos of tulle and netting for you to find the perfect style for your pretty little head. Remember that a veil should always complement the style of your dress and never overpower your overall look.

2. If you just whipped out your calendar and are trying to pick a wedding date, sometimes obvious days to avoid escape your watchful eye amidst all of the excitement of the newly engaged. Our friends at the The Knot have compiled a list of days for '10 and '11 to be conscious of when selecting your date, including the obvious (major holidays like Thanksgiving) and the more likey to be forgotten (Super Bowl Sunday).

3. Are some fabrics more difficult to alter than others? When should alterations be scheduled? What do you need to bring with you for a successful fitting? A seamstress dishes on all this and more.

4. Grab your cutest heels and a fork before stepping into this wacky wedding dress. Seconds, please!

5. Lately we've seen a lot of creative guest book options floating around the wedding blog-o-sphere. One of the cutest and most original is the fingerprint tree. Especially nice for spring nuptuals, the tree will be especially sweet framed on the wall as a reminder of your day. If you're crafty - definitely go the DIY route. If you're not - check out this simple print from etsy. Or this more stylized, (and spendier) version. Be sure to consider the size of your guest list before taking the plunge on this project. Your tree will be full and leafy with a 75 person guest list, but a 250-person guest list is a one-way ticket to an inky mess on this one.

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