Friday, January 15, 2010

Two Web Belles Returns

1. Funky prints and quirky designs is what you'll find among Linda & Harriett's paper collections. Be sure to look at their eco-chic Redesigned Line, which offers a wide range of color-infused goods that have been created using previously botched letterpress runs.

2. A newly launched interactive wedding site is my Kate Parker Wedding. A unique feature on the site is the photo database that is searchable by season, style, and color, which allows you to easily navigate to a specific wedding concept.

3. Interesting little tidbit here about - the most dangerous wedding topic out there - the budget. This graphic breaks down facts and figures by location and is a nice way to see where your day is matching up money-wise.

4. This cascading ribbon and photo display created by Make Merry! Event Design stuns within the less-is-more confines of a loft wedding, but could also work as a different way to present a photo table at any reception (with the ribbons cutting off just above the table), right?

5. Here is a DIY project that solves the problem of those pesky one sided photo frames, which don't always work when you want a photo centerpiece that is viewable by all your guests at a round table. Plus this 3-sided frame allows you to pop in a candle, which adds a whole new element to the shots you want to show off.

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