Friday, January 8, 2010

Erin & Ryan's Wedding Rundown

Next week we'll get back to our usual Friday feature. But today TWB brings you random thoughts from last week's wedding: 1. Erin saw her handcrafted veil, made by yours truly, for the first time around 10am that morning. She didn't completely hate it...phew! 2. Bring on the beautifying. Two girls from a salon in nearby State College came to Erin's suite to give the bride plus her sister (maid of honor), her mom, and the 'maids rockin' hairdo's. Erin opted for a classic side swept updo with a couple blinged out hair clips. Simple and clean, which totally complemented her dress. 3. Phil Vassar's "Love Is A Beautiful Thing" coming from the iPod gave us the day's first, and only, tears from Erin. If anyone can make a country girl at heart shed a few, it'd be Phil, right? 4. The all white flower bouqets arrived looking oh so pretty. We tried to encourage some of the roses in Erin's to open by placing them near the window and the heater. Just aiming for perfection here people. 5. Ah, the distinctive *pop* could be heard in the bridal suite as we opened up some bubbly. Cheers to the bride and groom : ). 6. The suite had cleared of family members and well wishers (and ALOT of hairspray), and the 'maids got into our J.Crew dresses in graphite. Great color for a winter wedding. 7. The photographers arrived to start snapping pictures of all the action, and it reminded us how important it is to get good photog's - what they see and capture will last long after the day is done. 8. Erin got into her flawlessly fitted dress and the 'maids found out just what it took to get the perfect fit for the rest of the day: alot of tugging on the skirt's under layer. When you have a close fitting gown from head to toe, every inch of fabric needs to be in the right place for the dress to hit and fall correctly. 9. All the girls now know just what 18 degrees on a windy January day feels like when you're posing for pictures on the front steps of a church. You really know how much your friends and family love you when they risk frostbite to stop and say cheese. 10. Someone said Erin was the real life version of Barbie Bride as we were tucked away in the church, waiting to get the ceremony started. Love it. 11. The ceremony went so smoothly and was highlighted by a friend singing "You Raise Me Up" during the lighting of the unity candle. A cute moment found Ryan wiping away a few tears when he first saw Erin coming down the aisle. 12. We had one more stop outside for some scenic photo op's on the downtown streets and sidewalks of Altoona. Fancy heels or snow boots - which accentuates a cocktail dress better? 13. The happy couple finally made their debut at the reception to a little Justin Timberlake, then made a quick transition into the cutting of the cake (no fondant here, just buttercream deliciousness) and their first dance (the band's take on Brad Paisley's "Then".) 14. The night continued with dinner and dancing. The bar and dance floor were both busy all night long as friends and family celebrated with Erin and Ryan. Erin made it to the mic more than once for some impromptu performances with the band. 15. Shortly before midnight, the last shuttle left to take the few remaining guests back to the hotel. Everyone was tired after a long day of prepping, witnessing, and celebrating. Congrats one more time to Mr. and Mrs. Meitzler!

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